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Luxury Video production and photography

Our job is simple. To elevate your brand with the highest quality video and photo production to help you stand on top.


We know that every photo we take has the potential of living in a magazine, or flyer, or social media ad. The quality of that photo directly reflects on our clients' brands. Don't worry, we'll get your good side.


We practically invented "Real Estate Video". With 10 years of experience, LPG is the brand you can trust.

Curated Reels

Getting exposure for your brand has changed dramatically. New video formats, new platforms, it's a lot to keep up with. We post 85 unique pieces of content every day to make sure we understand exactly what the "algorithm" is doing.

Award-winning productions

Real Estate Videography

No matter what algorithm you’re trying to work, video is king. What ever your strategy is for selling a listing, video is a part of it.

Hook Speed

< 3 Seconds

Typical Exposure


Turn Around Time

48 Hours

Award-winning productions

Real Estate Photography

Your photos are the backbone of your advertising, so their quality, needs to back that up. Every photo package comes with up to 50 photos. We make sure you have enough to not only advertise your listing, but yourself as well.

Twilight Photos

Aerial Photos

3D Renderings

About Lifestyle Production Group

How we became the #1 real estate videography company.