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There from the beginning

We started it

Back in 2014, no one was using video for their listing. Recognizing what video could mean for real estate, we got right to work.


At Lifestyle Production Group, service comes first. We want to make a name for ourselves by making customer experience our first priority. We are here to help our clients and our staff, in any way that we can.


We always strive to be impactful with the products we produce. If our services weren’t impactful, nobody would use us. We understand that the service we provide can be life altering for our clients and their businesses.


Inspiration and creativity thrive at LPG and we are always looking for new ways to innovate for our clients and also the things that we teach our staff. We understand that inspiration and learning don’t just happen once, but are continuous throughout our lives and are ever changing.


We want to cultivate a positive work environment so that we can better serve our staff and our clients. So often in today's world, we hear stories of people being stuck in truly toxic work environments that can have permanent consequences. Our goal at LPG is to help combine the freedom of freelance, with the benefits of teamwork.


And last but not least, consistency is key. No matter who the client is, no matter who the photographer is, no matter what day of the week it is, we want predictable and consistent quality that everyone can rely on.

US Based

Worldwide Collaboration

Where ever your listing is, we want to be a part of it. We regularly travel to destinations all over to make sure we can help ANY project you are working on.


The lifestyle that your buyer wants, is what we specialize in. Trusted by Hollywood, we have worked on some of the most exclusive listings.


You don't "accidentally" create a great video. We have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your listing and your brand, stand above the rest.


As a team, we're dedicated to your success. When you win, we win. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week, 9 hours a day to make sure of it.

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The approach

Elevated Experiences

Photography, that sells, secures, and brings new life to your listings

Your listing is going to live in a lot of different places. From magazines, to ads, to social media, your photos play a pivotal role in marketing. Let’s make sure they stand out.

A WindowStill company

Lifestyle Production Group was acquired by WindowStill in April of 2024. WindowStill is a nationwide real estate production company that was awarded the countries fastest growing photography company in 2023 by the INC 5000.

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