Capture the Best Views With Our Real Estate Photographers

High-Res photography and videography are now more stable, affordable and evolved than ever thanks to major technological advances. A decade ago, we had to rent helicopters and bring heavy cameras into the sky. Today, our real estate photographers use the latest image-stabilization techniques and pilot feather-light HD and 4K cameras from mobile tablets with total precision, for professional images that stun with crisp color and perfect clarity.

First We Walked, Then We Ran. Now, We Fly.

Whether it’s to show off real estate, promote a community, capture a wedding or more, aerial drone photography adds an affordable, creative touch. There are so many diverse possibilities. We’ve even produced backdrops for luxury condo renderings, putting units into their actual view context before they’re even built.

Imagine flying from high in the sky into the front door of a luxury mansion, where we kick off an interior tour; think of how fun it would be to close a wedding video by having guests wave and cheer as the camera floats off into the sky; or picture being able to show someone the actual view they’ll get from a preconstruction penthouse. Aerial photography could be the difference between a moment capture and a memory lost. A sale made and a sale missed.

6 Reasons You Should Hire LPG For Your Aerial Photography Needs

  • Aerial imaging is more affordable than ever
  • Add excitement and drama to important events
  • Create a bird’s eye view of a real estate listing
  • Show real views from pre-construction towers
  • Capture communities, coastlines, natural wonders & more
  • Make your media look more expensive and professional
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